2020 Election Night, What We Know So Far

  • November 4, 2020
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2020 Election Night – Republican Article

The 2020 Election Night has so far been extremely surprising. But, at the same time, not surprising at all.
So far, Biden has won in all the states he needed to win and even snatched Arizona which many considered to be a relatively safe win for Trump. Trump meanwhile has outperformed in key states such as Florida and North Carolina, two states which were possible for Biden to win in. Latino men especially powered Trump ahead in Florida, with important turnout in favor of the incumbent candidate.
Moving forward, there is still much left up for debate. Pennsylvania won’t be called today, nor will Wisconsin or Michigan. These three states will be the deciding factors in who wins the election. North Carolina is leaning Trump so far and is likely to go red, with the New York Times forecasting a Trump victory at 85%. Meanwhile in Georgia, despite Trump leading by six points so far, the New York Times considers this state to go blue, with a 57% chance forecast for a Biden victory. This would be a huge victory for Biden and important in his path to 270.
Trump has already made problematic comments regarding the election. He’s made unfounded claims that “[The Democrats] are trying to steal the election” on his Twitter, with Twitter quickly flagging this tweet as spreading misleading information. Biden spoke well and helped lift spirits tonight with his encouraging words during his short speech. Ideally, by Friday Trump will be voted out and Biden will become our 46th President. But this is still not secured, and it’s too early to make a final call as of this moment.
The entire country now holds its breath as the final votes are counted in these next few days (or weeks). The collective feeling is that hopefully there is a clear winner by Friday; that whoever loses concedes without question. However, with Trump’s previous comments, if he is to lose by a close margin, issues are definitely going to arise. This could potentially lead to the Supreme Court having to determine the future of the presidency.
While the presidential election is taking the spotlight, there are several key Senate races tonight which must be taken into account. The Senate is the Republicans’ final hope if Trump loses the presidency. As the House staying with a Democratic majority, it will be the final check against a one party state. If the Senate is to go Democrat, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico is highly possible. Changes to the Supreme Court would also be possible, although not as likely.
While John Hickenlooper won big in Colorado flipping the seat in favor of the Democrats, Tommy Tuberville flipped the seat in favor of the Republicans in Alabama, cancelling out Hickenlooper’s victory. Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell also secured important re-election victories, with Susan Collins performing well in Maine and likely to win – although this has yet to be called.
For now, we must remain calm and pay close attention to what is happening in these key battleground states that will take until Friday to have a final call on their votes. Nothing is set in stone yet, and both candidates still have a clear path to victory.
Let’s hope for a Biden victory, but must also start planning strategically if Trump is to secure a re-election, or if this becomes a long drawn out process and goes to the Supreme Court. Will the 6-3 conservative majority rule in favor of Trump, or will they surprise us and put principle before politics?
Written by Republican Writer, Sebastien Calcopietro

Point of Information

Contrary to the assertion from Trump, Biden’s bid for the Presidency is still alive – A Democratic Response

This dramatic election still hangs in the balance. We have heard President Trump assert that he has won this election; we have heard him attack legitimate voting counting efforts, and without basis, he has began claims of voter fraud. When he announced this, the Republicans were leading in enough states for the Presidency, but it is far to early to call this election.
Whatever the final result, Biden has failed to win, or even come close to winning, the election grounds that he thought he could take; Texas, Florida, Ohio and North Carolina. These were key states that Biden wanted to win and hasn’t. Early signs were encouraging but this was not to last. Instead, as this article suggests, we are relying on Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan to secure a Biden victory.
We may have to wait a while to hear from these but I still have hope that Biden could be the next President. There are still a significant number of votes to be counted and predictions are that Biden should bring this very close. This is definitely one to follow with a sharp eye in the coming days!
Written by Democratic Writer, Fletcher Kipps

My election night prediction could still happen – A Foreign Perspective

Last night on our Twitter takeover, I predicted that on Tuesday night, we would think President Trump would be in the lead to be the next president. Later on in the week, we would see Biden ultimately win with the mail-in ballots. My prediction is not looking as strong as I thought before, but I still hold true to it.
Georgia – Georgia might easily flip to Biden. That is a huge victory if Biden can win the mainly Republican state. It is 16 extremely important Electoral college votes which would put Biden in a strong position to win.
Pennsylvania – Most people are still holding out that Pennsylvania will flip in the next week. Philadelphia seems largely uncounted which is a dominant Democrat territory. Will it be enough to flip? It is 20 electoral votes that could ultimately mean Biden wins the election.
Michigan – This is the one that excites me the most. Again Democrat territories are uncounted and could easily push Biden ahead going later into the week.
North Carolina – 95% counted, 15 electoral votes, it seems to be all over. The difference is less than 100,000 votes in Trump’s favour and I can’t see it being overturned.
Nevada – Trump might take Nevada which could end the election before the rest come in. Only six electoral votes, Trump is less than 10,000 votes behind Biden, anything can happen.
Prediction; I honestly have no clue at this point, but Trump seems to be in a stronger position.
Written by Foreign Perspective Writer, Max Anderson

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