What will Trump’s Legacy be?

  • November 28, 2020
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What will Trump’s Legacy be? – Republican Article

I don’t like Trump. He’s uncouth, tactless, and a poor orator. People who used to work for him now hate him. He’s been described as a narcissist and many other pejorative descriptions were thrown around by his fellow men. But Washington wasn’t a good public speaker either. Trump has been behaving like a child throwing tantrums after the recent election defeat. But to be fair, when Aaron Burr lost his bid to become a governor on New York in 1804, he challenged his rival to a duel. I think that in comparison, Trump is a softie.

It’s easy to point fingers at Trump and use him as a metaphorical punching bag. There is no easier thing to do than hate Trump. You don’t need to do much research to find something inflammatory that Trump said. And that’s what’s peculiar about the Trump Derangement Syndrome. Shouldn’t we be more mature than Trump himself and instead of letting him drag us to the same level, and be more thorough in assessing his worth? So what is Trump’s legacy?

  1. Foreign Policy – The Trump administration may have bombed the Middle East generously and as it seems, it’s a common thing to do if you’re President of the United States. Obama is widely known for the ‘children in cages’ issue along with the casual bombing of the Middle East, something that not many presidents shy away from. But what’s peculiar about Donald Trump is the fact that not only did he not start any wars, he’s also contributed to bringing countries together. Peace Agreement between Israel and Sudan in October, Israel and the Kingdom of Bahrain, as well as UAE in September, are all legitimate achievements that contributed to Trump being nominated for Nobel Peace Prize.


  1. Repatriation of Native American Artifacts and Remains – only in September, conveniently ignored by most media outlets, Trump’s administration managed to repatriate Native American remains from Finland back to America. Native Americans have been trying to get them back for 70 years.


  1. Economic package for the Hispanic community – Trumps has signed an executive order for Hispanic Prosperity Initiative. This includes improved access to educational and economic opportunities, encourage private-sector initiatives and support the community. All of this was completely ignored and instead people talk about Trump’s poor tweets.


  1. Tax cuts – Trump ensured a higher quality of life for Americans by delivering on his promise to provide tax cuts. He introduced a Tax Reform Act and he brought down the corporation tax from 37% to 21%, which, in turn, means higher employment opportunities to poorer communities.


  1. Diversity Training Ban – This may not seem like an achievement to the left, but it was a massive win for anyone who has been campaigning against them for a while now. Implicit bias tests have been disproven for quite a while now and the only thing they offer is labelling people racist.


  1. African American unemployment decreased – This may be attributed to Obama starting a downward trend, but it’s undeniable that regardless of people complaining about Trump, he did continue and managed to get the Black unemployment down to 5.5%. Naturally, it has spiked due to the Coronavirus, but this is expected considering the circumstances.


  1. Economy – This is one of Trump’s biggest claims. It brings pride when he talks about the way he has managed to improve the economy. And he did. Again, similarly to African American unemployment rates, there was a steady move upwards and it continued under Trump until the pandemic. What’s worth noting though, is the fact that Trump did manage to reverse the damage, and the economy did bounce back quickly. Naturally, we don’t know what’s going to happen in the future as the pandemic hasn’t ended yet, but it’s certainly important to bring up – he did perform well on the economy.

Looking at these examples, one must wonder why Trump is hated so much. Naturally, his attitude leaves a lot to be desired, but he did manage to accomplish quite a lot. His policies genuinely improved people’s quality of life. He was the first GOP nominee to mention the LGBT+ community during his inauguration speech. He’s never had any animosity for the transgender community, and he’s offered plenty of support to various groups.

I believe that actions speak louder than words. This must be taken into consideration when viewing Trump’s legacy. After looking independently into Trump’s policies, it’s easy to see that while he may tweet irresponsibly, he does have an ability to act. Indeed, a lot of his promises haven’t come to fruition. This is partly due to Congress blocking them, and partly because he realised that they weren’t rational. The Trump years were extraordinary and they gave the media a lot to talk about. People now crave normality, which is understandable. But is normality always a good thing? Well, we’ll see over the next four years.

Written by Republican Writer, Dinah Kolka

Point of Information

Far from a good legacy. What about the problems with his Presidency? – A Democrat Response

If you read this article without context or additional information, you would think Trump’s administration has been without fault. You would think he has been an excellent President who other than the fact that he is hated by many, has left America in a much better place. You would wonder why he has not been re-elected with a huge majority of the vote. However, this is not the whole story and this won’t be his legacy.

Firstly, let’s look at the personality of the President. The personality of a leader is increasingly more important, it sets a standard for citizens to follow and can be a role model for people. The way Trump talks about others is something no one should look up to. To believe that what he tweets or says can be put to one side is dangerous; what about those citizens that think it is okay because the President said it?

Aside from this, let’s assess ‘his worth’ and policies. Since his inauguration, Trump has ripped apart relationships with the global community left, right and centre. Threats against NATO. Pulling out of the Tran-Pacific Partnership and other agreements. He is the American President and he wants to better the American people but to do this you need international relations. Trump’s anti-globalisation stance may have benefits to it, but damaging relationships could be worse.

Additionally, what about Trump’s policies on climate change? We are facing a global emergency. The leader of the nation that arguably has the biggest impact has no interest at all. He pulls the US out of the Paris Climate Change agreement and approves a pipeline through native land, something Obama decided was environmentally unsound. Whist Trump claims this is to better the economy, he misses the bigger picture. If nothing changes there will be catastrophic, irreversible problems.

However, on the topic of the economy, as Dinah points out, Trump has been relatively successful. Prior to the pandemic, there was good average growth per year, albeit similar to Obama’s last year, unemployment has lowered, and real wages have continued to rise. The situation has changed now due to the pandemic but there is an argument to say he has done well in this department.

Whilst this article presents the positives to Trump’s regime, there are a number of negatives. I touch on only a few above. They should be considered before anyone believes his legacy will be a good one.

Written by Democrat Writer, Fletcher Kipps

Trump’s legacy will leave a sour taste despite some of the policies he implemented – A Foreign Perspective

Donald Trump certainly shook the world when he became the leader of the free world in 2016. I largely agree with the points that Dinah has mentioned. His Foreign Policy has been second to none and no one can deny that. He attempted to establish a working relationship with North Korea and the US recently sent Mike Pompeo to Israel highlighting a significant achievement. He has also provided tax cuts as Dinah has explained. This is all well and good but he also ruffled many feathers.

It was a huge mistake on Trump’s part to call NATO obsolete and pull out of the Paris Climate Change Agreement. These agreements are crucial to keeping strong and stable international relations. Perhaps these institutions need reform but that does not mean that fractions should be created by leaving and putting agreements into question.

Trump certainly did not help with his staunch immigration policies and by building a wall along the Mexican border. Luckily many of these policies were not approved by Congress but his ideas left a bad taste. How can he think separating families was a good idea through detention centres? How can we also forget his fake news claims?

Overall, Trump may have ruffled too many feathers during his time in office but he has indeed improved the quality of life in the USA. He has amazed us with his foreign policy decisions. due to the Trump legacy, Biden will have quite the mission on his hands to unite the country.

Written by Foreign Writer, Max Jablonowski


Dinah Kolka
Junior Conservative writer at | Website

My name is Dinah Kolka and I am going into the first year of Journalism at Napier University in Edinburgh. Recently, I graduated from Edinburgh College with an HNC in Media and Communications. This ignited my interest in politics and journalism.

Fletcher Kipps
Chief Conservative political writer at | Website

I am an incoming third year undergraduate currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. I am socially liberal, fiscally conservative editor here at POI. I have been fascinated by politics for many years, from PMQs to late night election results all which has led to the desire to study this at university.

Max Jablonowski
Max Jablonowski
Conservative Writer at | Website

I am Max Jablonowski, a second year student studying French and Politics at the University of Exeter, and I am about to go on my year abroad to Paris to complete two internships. I was Academic Events Manager of the Politics Society in Exeter and I was privileged enough to organize events such as Question Time, co-host the 2019 General Election Hustings with MWEXE and host the Rt. Hon. James Brokenshire MP, the current Minister of State for Security.

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