Behind the Façade of the Appointments to The Biden Administration

  • December 15, 2020
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Behind the façade of the Appointments to The Biden Administration – Democratic Article

Confirmation of former Vice President Joe Biden as President-Elect is at the forefront of the current news cycle. We’re now beginning to see the Biden-Harris White House roster take form. As a politically engaged leftist, it would be remiss of me not to tell you how worried I am about this administration. We should all be worried if we want to see a positive change in how this country operates. This is both domestically and globally. Underneath the mask, there is a beast. 

Let me introduce you to his predicted administration:

Alejandro Mayorkas, the presumed nominee for Head of The Department of Homeland Security has a documented track record of catering to the economic elite. He has actively provided loopholes for powerful people to circumvent existing immigration guidelines. During Mayorkas’ time as Deputy Secretary and Director of the USCIS (U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services), multiple employees came forward as anonymous whistleblowers to shed light on alleged malpractice. In a DHS investigation into these allegations, it is described that Mayorkas reversed the decision to reject around 200 EB-5 candidates from permanent residency status as foreign investors. Multiple employees referred to this as ‘preferential treatment because of improper personal access’.

If you look past the bureaucratic jargon, basically Mayorkas granted residency status to foreign investors to the benefit of those in his wealthy social and business circles. How can we expect a man whose modus operandi is bourgeois social preferentialism to act in the best interest of low-income immigrants?

Antony Blinken is the nominee for Secretary of State and has entrenched himself on the front lines of American imperialism throughout his career. Recently, Blinken supported the 2011 US military intervention in Libya. This disastrously resulted in further balkanization of MENA and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of people. Not only this, but direct civilian casualties from airstrikes.

Blinken’s thoughts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are similarly status quo and reminiscent of Bush-era neocons. He stated “U.S. aid to Israel is beyond debate and should never be used as leverage to influence Israel’s policies toward Palestinians. … It’s in the U.S. interest that Israel has the means to secure itself. … Israel’s security is challenged on a daily basis. Israel faces existential threats every single day”. In addition to this, Blinken has a documented track record of deterrence as diplomacy. This does not bode well for any potential end to the endless cycle of war and economic rape that has been the cornerstone of US foreign policy the last 70 years or so. 

Avril Haines, Biden’s Nominee for Director of national intelligence was an integral part of designing The Obama Administration’s notorious drone program, the first official utilization of which resulted in 20 civilian casualties in Pakistan. 

John Kerry, Former Presidential candidate and Biden’s nominee for Climate Envoy seems on a surface level to be a step in the right direction in the fight against climate change. Unfortunately, he has been a promoter of attempting to incentivize the market to slowly transition away from fossil fuels. He has also repeatedly failed to address corporate malpractice in regards to climate change. Kerry’s suggestion of carbon pricing as an all-encompassing solution to the fossil fuel problem is indicative of a willingness to play by corporate rules. It appears he remains profoundly ignorant of the potential economic ramifications of such a policy on the working class. 

The mainstream liberal narrative thus far has been a celebration of the existing order. We are being spoon-fed a cabal of establishment corporate nepotists with just enough of a shiny veneer of empathy to appease the guilty conscience of democrats in the managerial class. These are not people to trust. These are people who must be tried constantly in the court of public opinion at every turn if we truly wish to see a change in this country.

If you truly are looking for a change I encourage you not to choose complacency. Stay aware and make your voice heard at every given opportunity. The public forum is the picket line of the 21st century and I hope to see you there. 

Written by Democratic Writer, Peter Ely

Point of Information

Stability and unity in Biden’s administration is the game plan – A Republican Response

Joe Biden went for safe, establishment politicians to form what I consider a reasonable and strong administration. After a disastrous and polarizing four years of Donald Trump, what the country needs most right now is stability. While I do understand my colleague Peter’s distaste for the administration appointments, it’s what had to be done. Like my other colleague Max states next, he needs a cabinet that will back him and support him while he undertakes the monumental task of reuniting a deeply divided nation. These picks will allow him to do just that.

Moreover, I think another aspect that must be celebrated about Biden’s cabinet is just how diverse it is. For example, the next secretary of defence, US Army general Lloyd Austin, will be the first African American leader of the Pentagon. Janet Yellen, as another example, will be the first woman to run the US Treasury. But of course, more can be done always. Nonetheless, he’s set himself up to have a very strong cabinet who will support him. As he promised, they will look a little more like America.

I believe these next four years will go well and have high hopes for Joe Biden to put the US back on the right path. After all, he really can’t do a worse job than Donald Trump.

Written by Republican Writer, Sebastian Calcopietro

Biden has a lot to prove – A Foreign Perspective

Joe Biden will have an incredibly difficult task to bring unity in Washington and across the USA. It is by no means going to be easy, especially after an eventful Trump presidency. Biden has made some interesting appointments to his administration. They all seem to be linked to him through close relationships. I suppose if Biden wants to show unity and needs change then he needs a cabinet that will back him at all times.

However, some of the Democrats worry that Biden relying on old foes will only lead to issues down the line. It could threaten to undermine his ability to find solutions to the nation’s issues. John Kerry, in my personal opinion, will show the world that he still has significant influence. He will be a great Climate Envoy considering his task will be to regain the trust of the member states of the UN. This is after Trump decided to pull the plug on the Paris Climate Agreement.

It will be very interesting to see whether Biden’s decision to place his trust in plenty of former Obama era officials and aides will do the trick to get the White House back on track.

Written by Foreign Writer, Max Jablonowski

Sebastian Calcopietro
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Max Jablonowski
Max Jablonowski
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