Trump is a Disgrace to the American People

  • January 19, 2021
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Trump is a Disgrace to the American People – Democrat Article

Trump has committed two disgraceful actions. He vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and threatened to veto the COVID-19 Relief Bill. This demonstrates he doesn’t care about his job as President, failing everyday Americans and the military just as he leaves office.

Neither of these bills could fail else this would cause huge problems for the few days that they were not in force, especially with the relief bill. However, Trump clearly doesn’t care about that. He just wants to get his way and will throw a tantrum if he doesn’t.

The NDAA is an extremely important bill. It comprises the funding for the American military for that year. If that bill fails, then the money behind the Department of Defence is gone. This money pays for wages, research, everything. This bill also includes a massive cyber overhaul, a need highlighted by the recent cyber-breach launched by Russia.  It is clear that if this bill were to fail it would severely weaken America’s national security.

Trump vetoed it because it includes provisions to rename military bases, something he is opposed to. Also, because it would limit his plans to withdraw troops from the Middle East. This is amid strong criticism about the withdrawal plans; some say it would weaken the American position on the Middle East, at a time where Iran is a big threat. It could potentially embolden Russian and Chinese activity in the region.

Another reason for Trump’s veto is because the bill did not include a repeal of Section 230 – internet legislation that provides publishers immunity for third-party content. Trump believes this section is the reason Twitter and other sites are allowed to label his tweets as misleading. He wants to remove the legal protections on social media companies so he can sue them.  He tweeted that if the NDAA did not repeal this, he would veto the bill.

As I wrote a few weeks ago, Section 230 has nothing to do with the NDAA. Congress rightfully held their ground and did not repeal this, and so Trump carried through with his threat. Thankfully, both House and Senate Republicans were at their senses to go against this and overturned his veto.

This is the first time a Trump veto has ever been overturned. It is shocking that he has chosen to pick a fight over an issue many Americans are so passionate about, the military. This proves that Trump does not care about the American military, America’s national defence, or America’s strategic reasons for keeping troops in the Middle East. Trump only cares about himself and his agenda; he has proven he is willing to sacrifice national security to achieve it.

Threatening to veto the COVID relief bill was a disaster. Congress members of both parties were shocked when this wasn’t signed straight away. Intense negotiations were required to get this one bill passed. Congress had failed to agree on such a bill for several months due to an impasse between Democrats and Republicans. Trump released a video labelling the bill as ‘wasteful’ and refused to sign it until he was compelled to a few days later. These few days of uncertainty would have no doubt plagued the minds of the millions relying on this bill, over Christmas no less.

Trump attempted to pass it off as Congress changing some of the provisions, but this was just a face-saving lie. At no point in these negotiations did Trump want a raise in the one-off payments from $600 to $2,000, nor did he complain about the foreign aid. He had plenty of time to, yet he selfishly decided to play politics when the American people needed him the most.

By not signing this bill Trump showed that he did not understand the hardships experienced by the American people. Its other significance was that, if not signed before Tuesday, a government shutdown loomed. An eviction moratorium would have ended.

While these were averted, the delay caused two federal relief programs to shut down on Sunday 27th December. Americans will also face a lapse in their unemployment benefits because of this.

In the end, thankfully, Congress passed both of these bills. Trump is not the final decision maker in the American government, he does not hold absolute power. In his final days however he has shown his true colours: contempt for the American people and military.

These actions put an even darker stain on how Donald Trump will be remembered as president.

Written by Democrat Writer, Kieran Burt

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Democracy is stronger than the Trump Cult – A Republican Response

My colleague Kieran raises some very important critiques of Donald Trump. However, the Trump presidency ending in this manner is no surprise to me. In fact, it seems to be the logical conclusion of four years of lies, deception, and blatant disregard for American democracy.

Yet, as I’ve said from the start, Trump will not be the one who brings down the longest standing democracy in history.

Trump’s actions in the final days of his administration are characteristic of his entire presidency: appalling. Instead of focusing on Covid-19 relief, or ensuring the peaceful transition of power, he’s been running his mouth like an uncouth scoundrel.

Even after several judges, some even appointed by him, threw out the various lawsuits that rejected the electoral outcome in various states on the basis of lack of evidence, he continued to spew his lies. This behavior is simply disgusting. It has no place in a Western democracy; much less coming from the President of the United States of America.

I thank the members of Congress and Senators which voted to throw out these ridiculous objections to the election, as well as vote to overturn Trump’s veto of the NDAA. Though, many are the same Congressmen and women that have stood by him for four years. It is only now that the ship is sinking that they have decided to abandon ship. We should not be thanking politicians for doing the absolute bare minimum but given how much politics in the US have degraded under Trump, it’s an important sign of hope.

Without question, Trump has raised an army of the ignoramus who operates at his discretion. This was clear when thugs committed acts of sedition and domestic terrorism by storming the Capitol on his behalf. Whatever their intentions, this was an attack against the most important institution of the US government. Only once Trump came out telling these thugs to go home did they leave the Capitol. He demonstrated he has absolute control over a group of radicalized men and women, willing to commit acts of treason in his name.

When they raised a Trump flag in place of the US on the Capitol, they went against not just the Democrats, but against all Americans. If you still support Donald Trump, you do not have the privilege and honor to call yourself an American.

Written by Republican Writer, Sebastian Calcopietro

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Trumpism is Over – A Foreign Perspective

We always knew that the end to Donald Trump’s presidency would not be pretty. Yet, nothing prepared us for the series of extremely disturbing events that have taken place recently. Kieran has highlighted some very important points as to why Trump’s final few weeks have tarnished his presidency.

Unfortunately, die-hard Trump fans can’t take a ‘no’ for an answer. Just like their leader. Despite state courts striking off every attempt made by the Trump administration to fault the election results, they continue to wreak havoc. Control of the White House and of Congress is over.

Admittedly, I was impressed by the way Trump won the presidency in 2016. But I still condemn those who decided to vote for him and continue to stand by him. I cannot understand why Republicans in Congress continue to support him even though he has blatantly ruined an American democracy.

Luckily most Republicans have started to oppose Trump by voting to overturn his veto of the NDAA, which is incredible considering they have been his staunch supporters for so long. I have previously said Joe Biden will have a mammoth of a task of reinstating democracy and rebuilding this great nation.

Written by Foreign Perspective Writer, Max Jablonowski

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Kieran Burt
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Hello, my name is Kieran Burt and I am going into second year at Nottingham Trent University studying Politics and International Relations. I first developed an interest in politics through reading the Dictator’s Handbook by Alastair Smith and Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, when I was 16, and have furthered my interest by studying politics at A level and now at university.

Sebastian Calcopietro
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Hello, my name is Sebastian or “Seb” and I am currently going into my third year of
studies at the University of Exeter, completing a bachelor’s degree in International
Max Jablonowski
Max Jablonowski
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I am Max Jablonowski, a second year student studying French and Politics at the University of Exeter, and I am about to go on my year abroad to Paris to complete two internships. I was Academic Events Manager of the Politics Society in Exeter and I was privileged enough to organize events such as Question Time, co-host the 2019 General Election Hustings with MWEXE and host the Rt. Hon. James Brokenshire MP, the current Minister of State for Security.

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