Christopher Norman

Democrat Writer

I am currently a Junior at Boston University where I major in Economics with a minor in Statistics. My interest in politics stems from my passion for history, particularly how historical events have led to the current political status quo in the United States and Europe. Economics, like politics, is a study of human behavior. Unlike politics, one core assumption of economics is that human beings behave in their best interests. I’ve learned that this assumption rarely holds true, especially in the current political climate. I was born and raised in Washington, D.C. where I attended Washington International School. It was there I was exposed to a truly global perspective on what it means to be a citizen of both the United States and the world. Surrounded by peers who both cultivated and challenged my political ideas, I learned that the most constructive political debate is one in which everyone gets a chance to state their opinion.

Coming of age in the evermore polarizing ‘Trumpian Era,’ my political viewpoints have been formed by the landscape around me. While I would classify myself as an independent, my viewpoints most clearly align with those of the Democratic Party. I believe that the United States is a country on the precipice of its own decline. Facing struggles both at home and abroad, it appears that our situation is becoming more precarious every day. While I know the United States has the resources and ability to counter these threats, I believe that the dysfunction visible in Washington is not isolated. Although cliché, it appears now, more than ever, the words of Abraham Lincoln have become ever more relevant: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” It is imperative that people understand that behind political affiliation we are all citizens of the United States. I appreciate the opportunity extended to me by POI and look forward to sharing my political opinions with the community at large.