Fletcher Kipps


I am an incoming third year undergraduate currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. I am socially liberal, fiscally conservative editor here at POI. I have been fascinated by politics for many years, from PMQs to late night election results all which has led to the desire to study this at university.

Though I am a strong believer in that you make your own luck most of the time, I have been fortunate in terms of the opportunities that I have been given in Politics. Brief but an insightful work experience with Amber Rudd, home secretary and my constituency MP at the time, really brought my enthusiasm to life and encouraged me to consider a career in politics as I grow older.

My interest in politics remains as strong as it always has been, however recently I have come to dislike party politics more than ever and am now an advocate for a change to the political system altogether. Whilst I write as a Conservative at POI, this is fundamentally due to fiscal policy and reading my articles you may understand the difficulty I have in deciding where exactly I sit on the political spectrum. In the UK, parties are blanket choices for left and right where neither are correct, and both have deep issues both past and present.

What is undisputed is the importance of democracy. Above everything this is the key to our society and without it there is little left in terms of good debate; something with every topic, new and old, there is always the opportunity for.